A Subtle Web

is the studio of Elliot Toman. Elliot can translate your brand into an elegant, custom website that does exactly what you need it to, and nothing you don’t. Kingston, NY.

Recent Projects

  1. Grace Church Ossining

    Grace Church is the product of two Episcopal parishes in Ossining that have merged into a single congregation. Built on WordPress, graceossining.org is clean, welcoming, and equally easy to use for visitors and content administrators.

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  2. Half Yard Productions

    Half Yard is the production company behind the iconic "Say Yes to the Dress" series and other popular reality TV titles. Working with LTL.MTN, Elliot developed a new brand and website for Half Yard that reflects the bold, vibrant qualities embodied in the company slogan: "Only the unexpected is entertaining."

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  3. RonMar Studios

    RonMar is a purpose-driven video production studio founded by Emmy Award-winning executive producers Roni Selig and Marcie Mulé. In collaboration with LTL.MTN, Elliot designed and developed a website for RonMar that is filled with creative energy and charming visual surprises.

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  4. White Rose Magazine

    White Rose is a socio-political magazine that endeavors to capture the voice of America's silent majority with a return to classical liberalism and moderation. Based on designs by William van Roden, this custom WordPress site is an example of elegant minimalism that feels like a breath of fresh air in both form and content.

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  5. Basilica Hudson

    A bespoke WordPress site designed and developed for the innovative Hudson Valley arts venue.

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  6. Guild for Spiritual Guidance

    This custom WordPress site is designed to elegantly reflect the Guild's ethos of spiritual exploration and empathy. It includes features like controlled access groups and Google calendar integration.

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  7. Blue Chip Legal Funding

    Brand and website development for a lawsuit funding startup in Texas. Bold and timeless brand elements are applied unexpectedly in a uniquely minimalist presentation.

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  8. Woodstock Capital Holdings

    A delicious exercise in minimalism, the website for this Woodstock-based legal funding group compliments a brand designed by William van Roden.

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  9. Art In Real Life

    This custom WordPress site meets the challenge of organizing and curating a wide variety of content types and intersecting social topics. The result speaks for itself.

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  10. YMCA of Kingston & Ulster County

    Strongly mobile-oriented, this website is designed to facilitate easy navigation through a many different sections of content.

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  11. Woodstock Day School

    A bold and colorful custom WordPress website with an emphasis on accessible navigation.

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  12. The Roxbury

    Complimenting the brand of the lavishly unconventional resort in Delaware County, this fully custom WordPress site takes an unapologetically more-is-more approach.

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  13. Fitsocial

    The custom WordPress site for this innovative fitness club in Poughkeepsie compliments the brand with a monochrome, media-centered approach.

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  14. Ernest Shaw

    Starkly minimal, this custom WordPress website brings the artist's work front-and-center, working beautifully for devices of all sizes.

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Elliot Toman began building websites in the late 1990s. With a strong background in graphic design, his work is known for balancing a keen aesthetic eye with a practical understanding of how websites actually work. Elliot frequently collaborates with the marketing agency LTL.MTN.

Consultation Rate: $125/Hour

Nonprofit Rate: $100/Hour

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