A Subtle Web support plans essentially act as a monthly retainer for website support services. These services include:

  • General Maintenance and Health Checks
  • Content Management
  • Design & Development Services
  • Consultation & Meetings

The appropriate time retainer depends on the needs of your business. For example:

3 Hours

Regular routine maintenance and minor content updates.

6 Hours

Routine maintenance, content updates and occasional custom development.

10 Hours

Maintenance and content updates, frequent custom development and consultation.

Not sure what plan works best for you? Contact me or schedule a meeting.


Time Retainers
Your Website


Time Retainers
Your Website

Terms and Conditions

Purchase of a support plan guarantees support availability of the specified time during a one-month period. The use of this time can be structured and pre-planned or incidental, depending on your preferences. All support requests will be responded to within one business day, and emergency requests are prioritized as much as possible.

Unused support hours do not roll over. If additional time is required to complete a request, that time will be estimated in advance and billed separately at standard hourly rates. No additional work will be undertaken without express written permission from the client.

Support plans do not require long-term commitments and can be canceled anytime.

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