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WordPress is the web’s most popular content management system, combining nearly unlimited flexibility with a robust development community and a massive plugins library. Despite its reputation for ease of use, however, setting up a unique business website on WordPress is no small task. Business owners who attempt to build their own site often find themselves mired by hosting technicalities, bloated “jack of all trades” custom themes and buggy, advertisement-loaded plugins. There’s a better way. A small investment in professional development up-front can save you untold time and money later on.

In every phase of your website’s life, A Subtle Web can partner with you to create the best possible product. Some of our services include:

  • Consultation via phone or video meeting to discuss and strategize your project
  • 100% custom designs to perfectly reflect your brand
  • Custom WordPress theme development to facilitate the precise functionality your site needs, without the extra bloat of unnecessary, unwanted features
  • First-class support and maintenance to keep your site up-to-date and running smoothly

WordPress Case Study

White Rose is an eclectic online magazine dedicated to promoting artistic merit, Jewish ideals and the values of classical Liberalism. Its publishers approached A Subtle Web for the design and development of a custom website that could host the magazine in an interface that reflected its clean aesthetic vision. Services provided by A Subtle Web have included:

  • Design and development of a bespoke WordPress theme
  • A content management scheme that organizes hundreds of articles, authors and topics into topical bi-monthly issues
  • Implementation of a system for paid subscriptions
  • Design and publication of email newsletters
  • Design and production of PDF magazine editions
  • White-glove ongoing support, maintenance and content updates

Would you like to learn how WordPress can be used to help your own business fulfill its ultimate online potential? Call or email Elliot at A Subtle Web to discuss the possibilities!

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